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"When children stop asking questions, it's time for parents to ask their own."

Leonid S. Sukhorukov

Under British Law (the Children Acts 1980 and 1989), each child receiving full-time education for more than 12 weeks must have a legally appointed British guardian. Most independent schools and colleges now insist that pupils whose parents are living overseas must have a guardian for practical and legal reasons. The guardian, acting in " loco parentis" on behalf of the parents, will be responsible for the child and make decisions regarding emergency situations (for example, medical treatment), if required.

In this way, Windsor Education offers both professional and personal guardianship service for students coming from abroad to the UK. Our aim is to provide the parents with a secure and caring environment for their children. We deal with all aspects of a child's well-being, maintaining constant support and expert guidance while he or she is away from home. This constant support means that you and your child always have someone to turn to with any problem, large or small.

We welcome the children to their temporary home country, help them to settle happily, supervise their academic and social progress being personally involved with each student in our care. For every child we select a host family who provides a welcoming family atmosphere during half-term breaks, exit week-ends, school holidays. We closely liaise with the school, the family and the pupil's parents. Windsor Education provides several categories of Guardianship to suit the individual needs and requirements. Generally, we:

  • Search and arrange suitable host families (all thoroughly inspected and approved to high standards) 
  • Consistently liaise with host families to ensure the well-being of the child
  • Visit host families during the term
  • Constantly liaise with the school and monitor the pupil's academic progress
  • Visit the school during the term including attendance of the school social events
  • Arrange for analysis and translation of school reports
  • Arrange financial documents and control finances with statements sent to parents
  • Assist in applications for and extension of visas
  • Arrange travel within the UK including any transfers between schools and host families
  • Assist in travel and accommodation arrangements for visiting parents
  • Escorting prospective pupils and/or their parents to visit schools
  • Assistance with the planning of cultural visits, holiday courses 
  • Arranging visits to doctors / dentists

Leonid S. Sukhorukov

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