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A visit to Britain gives students the opportunity to practise English in real-life situations and thus gain more confidence in speaking the language, as well as to learn more about Britain and make new friends. Windsor Education places students of all ages at carefully selected highly professional recognised English language schools throughout the UK. The most popular destinations include London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Bournemouth, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and many others. The courses can last from 2 weeks to one year, according to specific requirements. On arrival all students take an initial written test and personal interview to assess their level of English, and are placed in a class of 6-12 people with other students of the same level. All teaching is in mixed multinational classes and conducted entirely in English even at the most elementary level. At the end of the course students receive a progress report and Certificate which shows their final level of English.


There is a wide range of courses to suit different learning goals (please click on the area of interest below for further detail about the courses):


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