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"It’s one thing to be in the centre of the crowd, but quite another to be the centre of its attention." Leonid S. Sukhorukov

The range of universities and Master courses on offer in the UK is impressive. However, this may present international students with a difficult choice - which course and university is the best for me? How do I decide and how do I apply? Windsor Education advisors offer thorough counselling to every applicant and provide students with information and resources to help them make the right choice.

If students have not been educated in Britain, we will check how the level they have reached corresponds to the British system, whether their qualifications are sufficient and, if not, what more is required.

Sometimes they may need extra English as a Foreign Language (EFL) support in order to cope with the lectures and written assignments.

International access or foundation courses have been specially devised to enable students to prepare for study at higher or further education level. Some are designed for entry to specific degrees, such as business, law, engineering or electronics, while others are of more general nature, concentrating on an entire subject area, such as Humanities. Many are linked to a specific degree course at a university, and success on the access course guarantees a place on the linked degree.

Usually lasting one year, they cover one or more subjects and offer English language tuition alongside academic study.

Leonid S. Sukhorukov

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A world famous Ukrainian author; master of the aphoristic comment on all aspects of life; a journalist; a philosopher; a social and spiritual mentor, Leonid Semenovich Sukhorukov

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